Chemica Separation Solutions

Environmental applications

We are developing adsorbents to remove inorganic and organic contaminants from drinking water under the support of Federal grant funding (National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences).

Our goal is to introduce a new drinking water treatment product that effectively removes both concerned/hazardous inorganic and organic compounds along with common contaminants.

  • Removes broad range of chemicals
  • Quickly and thoroughly (>99.9%)
  • No loss of water
  • Arsenic and heavy metals
  • Organic toxins
  • No granules/fragile membranes
  • Whole house or faucet
  • 10-20 X Faster than “Simple Carbon Filters”

    By combining our proprietary surface chemistry and material modification techniques, we will create a superior adsorbent. This new adsorbent will target a broad spectrum of difficult to remove toxic/hazardous organic chemicals, as well as arsenic, lead, mercury, cadmium and other toxic metals and metalloids.

    This technology will be easily scalable - making it ideal for a wide range of drinking water applications - from portable water bottles to faucet filters to community water treatment units.

    The water treatment products developed by Chemica will give more people the opportunity to live healthier lives and strengthen communities by increasing available clean water resources.